So, in April 2018 I came across the marvel that is Duolingo.  Specifically, an advert for “Learn Esperanto online for free with Duolingo”.  That pushed my buttons – free?  Get in there, I though Duolingo was one of the pricey language apps. Turns out it’s all free!

Esperanto always tickled me, I liked the idea of a made-up language designed to be easy to learn so people could get along.  Learning it made it onto my bucket list (scrawled onto scrap paper and pinned to the notice board in the kitchen).  My bucket list is deliberately long with some tasks much more achievable than others: cause when I get to the end of it…  Turns out learning a language as an adult is more achievable than I thought!  Anyone thinking of it, go for it! And start with Esperanto!

An Esperanto blog has been on my mind for a goodly while, and after hearing the inspiring Chris Spalton speak at The Cambridge Marketing Meetup not too long ago, this is the “Just Fucking Do It” result.  The idea is to practise by translating songs into Esperanto.  I’ll pop them up here, because frankly, I want the excuse to blog, know no other Esperantistos to practise with and, well, it’s always nice to have an audience to satisfy the attention-whore part of my brain.

AtteSparrowmpt one led to agonies of grammar indecision – the Duolingo course isn’t finished yet (though I’m proud to do some every day) and backshifting future-tense reported speech a la Pulp’s Disco 2000 was a mite ambitious.  Sights are temporarily reset to nursery rhymes.  Feel free to guess what they are.